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Supporting youth in our community through

The Kindness Club was started in the Fall of 2016.  The following Spring we began our Friday Bag program, delivering a weekend food bag to students in the Dallas area.  Out small beginnings of 11 students has now reached as high as 220 students each week receiving a Friday Bag.  

In addition we have a free clothing closet and personal hygiene area for students.  

We Have Moved.  879 SW Levens St. Dallas 

Now accepting donations of Food, Pop Cans, Youth clothing 

Monday 9am-1pm

Wednesday 9am-1pm

Friday 9am-4pm


Current Projects

Friday Pantry/Friday Bags

Friday Pantry - Students needing extra support of food and personal items can either shop the Friday Pantry or receive a Friday Bag which is delivered to their school at the end of each week. Last year we reached 220 students receiving food and personal items to assist their needs each week.   


All of our student members during the school year are invited to participate  in our

summer Friday Bag program.  This year we offer pick up or delivery.  We currently  have 5 routes driving and dropping bags at individual homes or          

students picking up their Friday Bag.  We have 134 students in our                        summer program in 2024.   


Summer Program

                    Ways to Get Involved

                   Friday Pantry * Friday Bags * Stocking Shelves * Sorting Clothing                    Being a Shopper * Spreading the Word * Being Kind


If you are interested in getting involved, or want more information 

visit our Contact Us page. 

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